Make The Most Of Unwanted Clothing

Let's Think About The Environment

Not strictly wedding related but such a prominent subject that should make us think even when planning our special day. It’s shocking how much landfill we are creating in other people’s countries and once again damaging our planet, even when we think we’re doing good by sending them to charity. I am absolutely guilty of this too.


There are so many things we can do;

  • Reuse and recycle as much as we can
  • Fix our clothes rather than getting rid of them
  • Buy clothes that are made only of natural fibres


I have the absolute pleasure at the moment of remodelling a soon to be brides’ mother’s wedding dress for her to wear on her wedding day. It’s such an amazing thing to do and there are only good things that can come of it;

  • Unique dress
  • Sentimentality
  • Monetary savings
  • Another garment being reused


Just a little thought for the day x

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